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Navan RFC Social Networking Policy (Team)


If an individual team of Navan RFC members wishes to create a social media presence (for example, a Facebook page) specific to their team, they may do so if they adhere to the following points.

Any such site…

  • must contain the following disclaimer: “This page is for and on behalf of the players of this team, or their parents in the case of a Minis team, and is not the official presence of Navan RFC. Any comments or opinions expressed do not necessarily represent the views of Navan RFC.”
  • must indicate the official presence of Navan RFC of that – currently the website address (, Twitter (@navanrfc) and FaceBook (
  • must clearly identify a responsible administrator should any party require a change or removal to be made to any posting on that site. Any complaints about content on the social media presence should be addressed to this administrator, who should resolve them in a timely manner.
  • must be limited to members of the relevant team, for example, a Facebook page should be invitation-only with the invitations issued to the email addresses provided on the Navan RFC Membership forms for that team.
    • Minis players are currently not eligible (on age grounds) to use any Social Networking sites so their parents will be invited.
    • Youths members may be invited directly if their parents request this by email to the relevant administrator.


It is reasonable to expect that an individual or individuals be held to the same standards for Social Media that they would normally and reasonably be held to in other forms of public communications. While one may think that Social Networking postings remain in a private domain, such postings can be seen by others and made public.

Comments or accusations that can be deemed improper, intimidating, racist, sexist or degrading can cause harm and distress and may lead to civil court proceedings being brought by affected parties. As Navan RFC does not control individual team sites, pages or presence, Navan RFC will not accept liability for any content therein.