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Fill The Aviva For Philly!

Fill the Aviva for Philly!

Hi everyone,
Navan RFC is calling out to everyone to help and support Philip Caldwell.
Philip is a 38 year old rugby fanatic who sustained a serious injury last July playing a tag rugby match.
Philip is now learning to walk and use his arms again and he needs the help of the rugby community (see more details in the youtube video).

The goal is to sell 51,700 tickets – one for for every seat in the Aviva.

To help Philip in his battle we are asking you to take 3 small but very important steps:

1. Buy a virtual ticket (or tickets) and fill the Aviva for Philly

2. Follow and support his recovery journey – Click here for Instagram



3. Share his story using the #’s – #FTA4Philly #TeamPhilly and the FTA4Philly website

Thank you for all your help in this, your support is hugely appreciated!

Navan RFC

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