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Autumn International Tickets IMPORTANT NOTICE!

Autumn International Tickets IMPORTANT NOTICE!

Online Applications Only

Ticket applications will NOT be processed unless the applicant’s membership is paid for the current (2018/19) season by Friday 28 September 2018.

There is a maximum order of 2 tickets per match. Please DO NOT buy more than 2 tickets per match. Any larger order will be automatically reduced to the maximum of 2 tickets per match, and the cost difference will be refunded.

Only “Full” or “Full & Family” members can apply for International tickets (if uncertain please contact )

Please note that Navan RFC has received a limited number of tickets for each category. Navan RFC will review the applications after the deadline for ticket applications on Friday 28 September.

If demand is higher than the number of available tickets, Navan RFC will distribute the available tickets as fairly as we can – the distribution criteria will be published should this case arise.

If you are unsuccessful in your application for tickets and Navan RFC is unable to provide you with the tickets you specifically requested, we will attempt to provide you with the next available category – you will be able to express a preference when you place the order.

NO ticket applications will be accepted via the bar for the November Series 2018.


Six Nations 2019 tickets will be made available at a later stage.

Members, please email directly if you have any queries.

Ticket orders can be placed at,Autumn-18