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Navan U 15s Cycle To Manchester

Navan U 15s Cycle to Manchester

Navan U 15s Cycle to Manchester


It’s exactly 229 miles from Navan to Manchester and that’s the distance that the Navan U 15s cycled last Saturday in Navan Shopping Centre.  The cycle was organised to raise much needed funds for the upcoming, and much anticipated, trip to Manchester next month.

Starting out at 9am, the U 15 lads peddled 4 bikes non- stop for 6 hours.  Taking it in turns, shift after shift, they peddled furiously.  As the lads peddled, the buckets were shook enthusiastically by the, as ever, supportive group of parents.  Occasionally a parent stepped up to the mark and took their turn on the bike.  Particularly impressive of the older generation was Eddie Lyons, whose forward surge was reminiscent of a young Lance Armstrong making a final attack on Alpe d’Huez!!……….…people just stood and gazed in admiration.

But as well as hard work, this was also a very sociable occasion with so many friends of Navan Rugby Club coming up to talk to the coaches, parents and players.  It was very clear in those conversations as to the regard that is held for the Club in the local community.

During this epic cycling marathon, news broke that Stephen Shannon had arrived with an unbelievable €750 sponsorship cheque from Navan Credit Union.  This got the lads peddling faster.  The gears hummed, the buckets shook, the coins rattled and the whole plan, masterminded by Caron Finlay, began to come together nicely.  By the time the clock struck 3, a staggering total of €931 had been collected.  With some of the players who couldn’t attend promising some more sponsorship, the magic figure of €1,000 could yet be reached.

A huge thank you to everyone who supported this fundraising effort.  Everyone rolled up their sleeves – players, parents and coaches.  A particular thank you to Navan Shopping Centre, Navan Credit Union and the good people of Navan for their generosity of support.

The U 15 lads, and their coaches Kevin, Will, Darren and Niall, will make them all proud in Manchester.

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