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Navan Minis And Youths Girls Rugby

Navan Minis and Youths Girls Rugby

How do I know I will like it?
There are many reasons why you might enjoy playing rugby. For some it’s about making new friends and enjoyment while others enjoy the hard work and team work involved. ‘Giving it a Try is all about trying something new and giving rugby a go to see if you like it.

What should I wear to training?
Anyone looking to give rugby a try should purchase a gum shield to wear when training/playing. After that, you should wear comfortable clothing, for instance, what you might wear when doing PE, going to the gym or participating in other sports activities, e.g. tracksuit/shorts. Football boots are recommended as most activity will take place on a grass pitch.

Will I be playing contact rugby?
All players introduced to rugby for the first time may start with non-contact games. When the coach sees fit, he/she may start to introduce the player to the contact element of the game. Non-contact versions of the game are available through Touch and Tag rugby.
I was inspired reading this article on why girls should play rugby by Tesni Phillips.

The reasons:
1. She will learn the importance of hard work.
2. She will learn how powerful and strong her body is.
3. She will know that she is capable of anything her male cohorts are.
4. She will learn how to get back up once she’s been knocked down.
5. She will experience the incredible feeling of being part of a team.
6. She will respect others, regardless of their decision.
7. She will learn to deal with disappointment.
8. She will realise she is unstoppable.
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Tesni Phillips is a rugby player and triathlete. She is from Cardiff and moved to America when she was 13, where she plays rugby for Quinnipiac.

Coaches contact details
Under 18s
Head Coach: Paul Power (email: Telephone: 086 284 8526)
Under 16s
Head Coach: Brendan McGoona (email: Telephone: 086 830 9005)
Coach: Gary O’Farrell (email: Telephone: 085-7491811
Under 14s & 10s
Head Coach: John Molloy (email: Telephone: 086 8217149)
Coach: Nour Khairy ( Telephone 086-8683329)

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